Los Altos Christian High School (LACS) is to enrich and empower students to reach their spiritual, educational and social potential through an exemplary school programs founded on core principles, training, assessment, and research.

Core Principles

  1. Provide opportunities for our students to experience success.
  2. Use multiple modalities to teach.
  3. Use micro-units and structured tasks for every student.
  4. Ensure automation through practice and review.
  5. Provide models for our students to use as a guide.
  6. Include our students in the learning process

Our unique, individualized approach ensures that we achieve our mission.

  • Customized track for every student
  • Each student is assigned a supportive and engaged Academic Advisor
  • Research-based methods and programs
  • Rigorous yet unhurried predatory college-curriculum
  • Well rounded athletics, extra-curricular, and after school activities
  • Wide range of community service opportunities
  • Trained faculty which specializes in educating students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)
  • Experiential Hands on Learning
  • Collaborative Project Based Learning

Teacher Training -mentorship

Our teaching principles and practices are based on nearly 38 years of front-line experience, and our practical, classroom-tested methods are influenced by the latest research on human intelligence, cognitive development. Our teachers receive specialized hands-on training when they arrive at LACS and they continue their education through in-service training and our Teacher-Mentoring Program.

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