Sports – Students in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to engage in after-school team sports like flag football, basketball, and volleyball.


Good News Club – Boys and girls ages 5-12 years old can attend Good News Club, regardless of religious background.  Parents are welcome to attend the Club with their child!  It’s an exciting, fun-filled hour once a week!  Come join us for creative learning activities, dynamic Bible lessons, exciting games, yummy snacks, meaningful songs, and inspiring missionary stories!


Personal Finance – The Bible teaches and shows us many financial principles.  Financial security provides freedom and flexibility in life.  Time is your friend; start early and be consistent.  Generosity is one of the most powerful rewards of finances.


Art – Art Club opens up your kids’ imagination and creativity.  There are no mistakes in art and there are no rules in art!  What’s better than doing art with acrylic paint, mixed media, watercolor, building, creating, and thinking outside of the box?  Good for grades Kinder-6th.  Projects customized by age and ability.


Chess – The class consists of two parts, each lasting about half an hour.  The first part is a lecture by a coach on a topic related to chess, such as a theme, an idea, a motif, or a historical game.  The students are encouraged to interact and discuss the best moves in various positions.  The second part is a practice session where the students apply what they learned.  The curriculum is designed to suit the level of the class.


Lego Robotics ClassOur lego robotics classes are designed to immerse your child in the exciting world of robotics, where hands-on learning meets creativity through carefully scaffolded robotics projects. Designed to equip students with essential skills for the future, this program blends the joy of building with LEGO bricks and the thrill of programming robots. As participants delve into the intricacies of robotics, they not only gain a solid foundation in STEM concepts but also cultivate teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Participating students will experience First Lego Leagues competitions missions as well.