LACS uses FACTS Tuition Management to handle all tuition payments and incidental fees. Your tuition payments must be set up with FACTS for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from your bank account at the time of registration. Payment plans with FACTS may be made in one of 3 ways:

  • Annual (pay in full in June)
  • Semi-annual (pay in June and January)
  • 10 equal monthly installments. The first payment is due in June and is non-refundable. Subsequent installments are due September through May.

Families may choose the payment date on 1st, 5th, or 10th of the month for any of the above plans.
Miscellaneous Fees: FACTS will also be used for charging incidental fees (athletics, electives, field trips, EDC, etc.). Such fees are in addition to those set forth in the schedule above. These fees are charged as incurred and billed monthly. Payment in full is required on a monthly basis.
Preschool only: A deposit, equal to one-half month’s tuition installment, will be due at time of enrollment, and may be applied toward the last tuition installment or refunded with 30 days written notice if student withdraws. Application, registration, material fees and first tuition installment are non-refundable.
Enrollment at Los Altos Christian Schools is considered a commitment for the full school year. If enrolling mid-year, annual tuition will be pro-rated, based on a per day rate for the year.

Elementary and Middle School Tuition 2020-21

Preschool Tuition Policy 2020-20201

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