My son has been attending Los Altos Christian School since he was in the sixth grade. He’s now in the 11th grade in the inaugural class of its High School program. It is a great program at an excellent school. I wish more people knew about the potential opportunities that this program can offer their children in the future. It provides an excellent quality education in a small private school setting. Teachers are compassionate and caring and give extra help when needed. It provides accommodations for students with learning differences. I highly recommend it!

High School Parent

Graduation Requirements

Subject Area LACS Graduation Requirements CSU/UC "a-g' course Subject Area Requirements
*Bible 30 Credits=3 years N/A
Physical Education 20 Credits=2 years N/A
Social Studies/History 30 Credits=3 years "a"-2 years
English 40 Credits=4 years "b"-4 years
Math 40 Credits=4 years "c"-3 years (Through Algebra 2)
Science 40 Credits=4 years "d"-2 years (two years with lab chosen from biology, chemistry and physics)
Foreign language 20 Credits=2 years(same language, 3 years recommend-ed) "e"-2 years(same language)
Visual & Performing Arts 10 "f"-1 year
Electives 10 "g"-1 year
Total Credits 240 150
  • Bible is required for each semester of attendance at LACS High School. Required Bible credits are waived for any semester that the student does not attend LACS. These credits may then added to the required elective credits.
  • Yearlong Classes are 10 credits
  • Semester-long classes are 5 credits
  • Of the 150 credits required for UC eligibility, 70 credits must be taken in the last two years of high school. In order to qualify for UC eligibility, students must have a C or higher in all required courses.
  • Pre-Algebra will not be awarded high school credit. Completion of math sequence through Algebra 2 is required to be college preparatory.


Students must complete at least 50 hours of LACS approved community service during their 4 year high school career as part of their graduation requirement. Students will complete a minimum of 10 hours each year in the 9th and 10th grades and 15 hours each year in the 11th and 12th grades.

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