Physical Education Program

Welcome Letter from our Athletic Director

Welcome to LACS Athletics! As Athletic Director, I am privileged to help our boys and girls become the best players they can be. Athletics are an integral component of the LACS experience with opportunities for personal achievement and growth.





Our recently renovated gymnasium is truly a wonderful sight with new  basketball hoops, bleachers, and flooring with our school logo in center court. Go Lions! The school provides a variety of sport experiences for all participants starting in 3rd  grade: Girls and Boys Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball, and Flag football.


Goals of the Program

  1. To honor God with our play and attitudes.
  2. To respect the other players and work together as a team.
  3. To learn about great sportsmanship. This includes encouraging all  teammates and respecting the referee.
  4. To learn and challenge ourselves to a higher standard which may require hard effort on our part.
  5. To have as much fun as possible in a controlled environment.

Participating in sports at LACS gives every girl and boy the opportunity to represent the school, sport, team, and the greater community. This is accomplished by their best efforts and abilities with the utmost respect for themselves and others while honoring God always.


Beginning in Kindergarten, students learn the basic skills necessary to achieve success in various endeavors. These include the development of motor skills, coordination, and muscular development through exercise. They also learn to jump rope in groups which enhances their understanding of team play as early as possible.

All students are exposed to sports such as badminton, baseball, basketball, football, futsal, hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and even some cricket. In 3rd grade, students can join our LACS sports teams playing volleyball, basketball, or flag football.



Our curriculum includes the development of Christian attitudes towards following rules, health and recreation, good sportsmanship, and setting and reaching personal goals. The results are well-balanced experiences that can later be applied by the students to maximize real life opportunities.

Sport camps focusing on basketball and hockey are typically offered during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks.




Brad Burman has been joyfully teaching at LACS for many years and loves to see current and previous students grow in many ways! He goes the extra mile, often being the first person you see on campus as he greets the students out front, and the last to leave campus after the school’s sports teams are done. When he is not teaching Physical Education, he runs sports leagues for Bridges Community Church and sports camps for kids, plays various sports, and attends local sporting events. Having grown up in Cupertino, he has a true desire to give back to the community he was raised in.

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