Hot Lunch Menu

At LACS, we have a beautiful cafeteria where our students can truly enjoy their lunch time and fellowship with their classmates. No need to eat in the classroom or eat outside during the winter season.  In addition, students are able to bring their own lunch or purchase a hot lunch from Pasta Market.

At the beginning of the school year each student will be issued their own personalized account.  Parents will be asked to pre-pay a certain dollar amount as needed which will allow the student to purchase their daily lunch.  The amount that you pre-pay will depend entirely on how much you believe your child will purchase throughout the period.  Suggested initial amounts are between $75-$150.  We strongly encourage that all parents pre-pay a certain dollar amount at the beginning of the program even if you choose not participate in daily hot lunch purchases.   Please make checks payable to The Pasta Market and mail them to P.O. Box 9339 San Jose, CA 95157.  They also have a 24-hour Message Line:  650-949-3239.

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