The use of technology to enhance the learning experience at LACS is an integral part of our educational methodology. Over the past several years Los Altos Christian Schools has aggressively pursued upgrading the technology used by students and staff.  Every classroom and office, as well as the fully networked computer lab, has internet access.
All teachers are encouraged to integrate the use of technology into their classroom teaching techniques as appropriate.  Throughout the grade levels, teachers enhance their lessons and students are encouraged to incorporate their technical skills into projects, written reports, and presentations.

Our Computer Lab and curriculum is designed to develop technological proficiency in basic computer operations and the most popular software used today. With the use of individual desktop systems,  our students are able to learn keyboarding skills, how to create presentations, and use of Internet resources that are age-appropriate and academically beneficial. At the Middle School level students expand their basic understanding of technology by creating personal web pages utilizing such skills as HTML coding, graphic design, hyperlinks, and formatted texts. For those that demonstrate a passion in this field, elective courses such as digital photography and iPAD art are also available.

Scanners and printers are available in the labs for student access. The teachers teach using large-screen display monitors to demonstrate computer skills to the classes. Our T1 Internet connection allows the students to find information quickly and efficiently.

To complement the above equipment, LACS has acquired additional vital peripherals to keep pace with the rapid pace of technology. This includes: Scanners LCD Projectors Digital Cameras Computer Video equipment that includes DVD/VCR’s and eBeams.

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