STEAM & Computers

Use of Technology

The integration of technology to enhance the learning experience at LACS is a fundamental aspect of our educational approach. 

Teachers incorporate technology into their classroom teaching techniques as appropriate. Across grade levels, teachers augment their lessons, and students are expected to apply their technical skills in projects, written reports, and presentations.

There is a computer lab equipped with computers  and a 3D printer to be used by students in K-8. In the Middle, we operate a 1:1 laptop model, providing all students with school-provided Chromebook. We actively utilize a diverse range of online curricula and resources to stay current with both technology instruction and infrastructure.

Teachers leverage various audio, video, and computing technologies to enhance their teaching and communication with students. 


Elementary School: STEAM Robotics Lab

  • LEGO robotics serves as a platform to introduce students to the challenge of creating structures and robots from start to finish.
  • Students gain hands-on experience building models independently, interpreting blueprints, following instructions, and exploring design concepts.
  • Students learn how to transform an imaginary idea into a tangible creation.
  • The curriculum involves working with the basic building blocks of coding, providing an introduction to various core programming tools.



Elementary School: Computer Lab

  • Students delve into the fundamentals of computer literacy, designed to raise awareness of online safety.
  • Typing skills are honed through the use of flexible and customized pacing software, which tracks and individualizes their learning curves, presenting corresponding levels of typing challenges.
  • Students explore the use of their artistic skills through painting apps.





Middle School: STEAM Robotics Lab (Elective)

In this course, students actively participate in the creation of a colony on Mars, a complex task divided into 12 intriguing missions. These missions encompass activities such as mining, establishing satellite communications, maintaining colony modules, and various other challenges. The curriculum focuses on training students to utilize color sensors for object recognition, identify objects, and program robot movement along specified lines.



Middle School: Computer Lab (Elective)

Throughout this course, students develop familiarity with design software and engage with design thinking concepts, utilizing Figma for practical application. The interactive curriculum guides students through the process of developing design thinking from ideation to complete prototyping, offering exposure to potential careers in design. By using Figma, students witness immediate results of their design decisions, fostering hands-on, experiential learning and enhancing presentation skills. Recognizing the increasing importance of design principles and tools in advancing technology, this elective serves as an indispensable asset, encouraging students to explore the limitless possibilities of design and open their minds to future opportunities.


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