LACS is accredited by both the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process which plays an important role in developing and maintaining a high quality of education in our country.


The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States. The Western Association is the newest of the six regional accrediting associations.  It was formed in 1962, by an amalgamation of several accreditation agencies.
The accreditation process fosters excellence in education by encouraging school improvement. WASC accreditation recognizes schools that meet an acceptable level of quality, in accordance with established, research-based WASC criteria.


The Association of Christian Schools international (ACSI) is designed to assist members in achieving a standard of excellence and to encourage them in continuous process of assessment and ongoing development.

Two major themes are obvious throughout the ACSI accreditation program. First, the program probes the spiritual aspects of each component of the organization. Second, the program addresses the educational quality and integrity of the school. The school must demonstrate that it is true to its own statement of philosophy, mission, and goals, and  is meeting the standards of quality that are recognized by ACSI.

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