Leadership Opportunities

Middle School students are offered opportunities for leadership.  Through service projects and opportunities to participate in campus leadership, our students learn that they can make a positive impact in the world.

Students that excel in academics are invited into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). They must have a 3.5 GPA or above to be considered.  Students are then evaluated by a faculty committee on their leadership, character, citizenship and service.   The NJHS members are predominantly a service group.  They put on the annual Nativity Tea to raise money to help our veterans.  They have a school beautification project which have included Daffodil Hill and large tree planter boxes.  The NJHS students also participate in a variety of events that include the Elementary grades.

Student Advisory and Activities Council (SAAC) is our form of student government.  To be a member, students must complete an information packet, get teacher recommendations and have approval from the administration.  They advice on desired electives and needs of the student body.  Activities include:  running the student Snack Shack, Spirit Days combined by community service collections (ex. Pet Food for an Animal Group, and school supplies for a South American School).  They help to organize  a large Red Carpet Event, Finals Finale and a wide variety of lunch time activities for the Middle School.

The LACS Ambassadors Club is a leadership group for Middle and High students.  This group of students will greet on Visitor Days, Open House, and school events such as Christmas Chapel, International day and Graduation Ceremony, etc.  In doing so the goal is to build confidence in one’s self as they show their school pride.  This group also serves as a mentorship group for the students to discuss amongst themselves those things that are on their mind in confidence.

The Middle and High School students also reach out to the community in many ways.  At Christmas, the students support local families in need through a Giving Tree Project.  They also caroled in the neighborhood and made Christmas cards for neighbors and church staff.  Seventh grade students have a semester-long project to provide help or assistance, volunteer with that project, and then report back on their results.  During the year, they may collect pet food or blankets for a local animal shelter, donate books for children in local shelters, or bring in canned foods for a local food bank.

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