Uniform Policy

General Information Only approved uniform pieces comprise the clothing choices for normal daily attire. Regulation uniform for Chapel Days and special days will consist only of those items listed as such.No other jackets other than LACS approved jackets will be allowed. Besides the original sweatshirt, two sweater styles and a fleece vest and jacket are also available for cool weather.

A full uniform item list is available in our Parent/Teacher Handbook.
Only LACS plaid hats or solid navy blue hats with no logo may be worn outside. Hats are not to be worn in the classroom.

The first few days of school have been designated as uniform policy emphasis days for the children. Each class will devote a small amount of time to discuss and clarify the policy and set the tone for the year in this particularly visible area of school spirit.

Uniform items are purchased through the authorized uniform stores:
Logos Etcetera  Appletree Uniforms in Sunnyvale, and the Lands’ End uniform catalog.

Uniform Policy Compliance

Homeroom staff will be responsible to note uniform inconsistencies.
All inconsistencies will be considered “equal.” Wearing a piece of clothing that is not the approved style is of equal concern as wearing clothing that is not the correct color.

All uniform non-compliance infractions will be handled in the same manner. Students will sit on the bench during first recess for each day they are out of uniform.

Special School Spirit Days and Events Chapel Days, Spirit Days, Selected field trips or other special days with written notice to parents
Free-Dress Days Usually the last regular school Friday of the month is designated as Free-Dress Day for elementary students. Students may wear appropriate clothing other than LACS uniforms. Sandals, beach-type clothing, bare midriffs, logo clothing with inappropriate wording or advertisements, overly baggy/sagging pants or oversized tops are not acceptable. Uniform Policy with Elementary uniform checklist.

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