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Fundraiser Events

At LACS, a tradition built on fellowship is found in activities and events that allow students and their families to bond throughout the year. Participation ensures families and students are confident they are an important part of our learning community. Fundraising provides for the extras that help make LACS such a great environment for our children. Major fundraiser events are:


The LACS Walk-a-thon takes place in the fall and is a fun-filled family event. Money collected during the Walk-a-thon often goes towards scholarships, gym equipment, or to fulfill art needs. Students enjoy an afternoon of games and prizes, popcorn, crazy hair, pizza, and snow cones. Parents also get involved in the activities by participating in our trike race. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.

Teacher Season’s Giving

This opportunity is for parents to give back to the teachers during the Christmas season. Starting in early December, parents may contribute to the Teacher Love Gift fund. Money collected during this time is distributed to our teachers in the form of Christmas bonuses. Teachers are blessed by the generosity of our LACS parents every year.

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