Los Altos Middle School

Our Middle School in Los Altos offers a quality education with student leadership opportunities and exposure to different skills and subjects in a small, caring environment. It has high academics that exceed the California State Standards. The primary focus of our Middle School is student learning. Student learning is divided into three equally-important areas: Academic, Relational, and Spiritual.

Academics are always a major focus for a school, and LACS excels in this area as a private school. Students are taught with a multi-sensory approach ensuring that students learn in the area of their strengths. They learn to think critically and problem solve so they are ready for the complexities of high school.

LACS students are taught to be leaders of their own lives so that they do not just follow the current trends or their peers, but they are given the tools to make good decisions based on Biblical understanding. Our students matriculate to college prep programs, both private and public, throughout the Bay Area.

For students who need special resources in school, the Learning Assistance Department (LAD) is the perfect venue for them to learn and thrive.  The LAD teacher develops an accommodation checklist which is distributed to the rest of the faculty.

As a Christian school, we desire that our students to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to become lifelong followers of Him. Weekly chapels, Bible classes, and an integrated Christian world view in all subjects adds a spiritual component to learning.