Private Elementary School

Our Los Altos Elementary School promotes an academic climate designed to challenge the average to above-average learners.

Academics are always a major focus for an Elementary School, and LACS excels in this area.  Our high standardized test scores show that our students retain what they learn in the classroom.  This is because concepts are often introduced using various methods such as written, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Students learn to think critically and problem solve so they are ready for the complexities of Middle School.

A good private school is defined by more than just its academics. Our students are taught to be leaders of their own lives so they do not just follow the current trends or their peers.  They are given the tools to make good decisions in order to become good citizens and friends.   Weekly chapels, Bible classes, and an integrated Christian world view in all subjects adds a spiritual component to learning.

Los Altos Christian Schools also creates a bridge between the home and school so students can reach their full potential.  Students feel welcome and know that the faculty and staff cares about them.  Teachers provide regular progress reports and assessments that give parents clear direction on how they can help their child at home in a productive way during those critical Elementary years.

The Elementary School also offers a Learning Assistance Department (LAD).  A self contained, small class sizes allow individual attention for students who need additional bolstering in more than one subject.

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