Music Program

We are very proud of our Music program at LACS!  It is our goal in the music program to educate and share music in a fun and peer-motivating atmosphere while giving opportunity for students to explore their God-given talents in the music classroom, in chapel worship and performances.

ELEMENTARY MUSIC: Students receive instruction with music concepts such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, scales, modes, proper singing techniques and instruments such as xylophones, glockenspiels, percussion, recorders and boom-whackers. In addition, students create their own melodies, movements/dance and have many opportunities for creativity and expression within the music classroom and in performance.

  • Kindergarten – 2nd grade students enjoy singing songs and playing instruments such as glockenspiels, xylophones and hand percussion.
  • Grades 4– 5 grade students play recorders, xylophones, boom-whackers and bucket drums.

MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSIC: Students have a comprehensive music program including singing skills, rhythm skills, music genres, percussion, worship band, acting/stage presence and performance. Students MS and HS also have opportunity to work TECH (sound, lights, video) for our performances.

Our Middle School students are featured playing marching band snare drums for events such as Visitor’s Day, Friday flagpole and Musicals.

PERFORMANCES: LACS offers three large-scale music performances during the year! These musical performances create unity, camaraderie, dedication, discipline, self-confidence, stage presence and a great deal of satisfaction.

  • Christmas Musical K-8th present a full musical drama which includes singing, choreography and auditioned acting roles. HS students work TECH for performances.
  • Spring performance alternates between an ALL-School Musical and International Day in which each grade level presents a performance on the country of their choosing.
  • Talent Show takes place the last day of school involving all grade levels.

Our Music Education program is based around: Orff-Schulwerk, Kindermusik, and MUSIC PLAY programs.

Music Classes, Chapels and Performances are led and directed by our Music teacher, Ms. Norita Hoegel

“Sing and make music in your hearts unto the Lord” Ephesians 5:19.

Norita Hoegel, Music Teacher

Norita Hoegel came to LACS in 2016 after teaching music her entire career at a private school in Cupertino. As a singer-songwriter, she produced two children’s albums, Hand in Hand and Chapel Songs, and had the privilege of touring with two Christian bands, Lifeline and The Balance. She was the director of Fusion Children’s Community Chorus (2009-2014) and Common Ground (a high-school-aged, touring-performing ministry) for 25 years. Ms. Hoegel is passionate about giving students the opportunity to explore their God-given talents through singing, dancing, and playing instruments in the music classroom or taking the stage for musical productions.

Ms. Hoegel has two grown daughters. She enjoys yoga, tap dancing, going to the beach, and live music. “Sing and make music in your hearts unto the Lord.”

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