Student Special Events

School events build memories and allow students to enrich their skills and talents. Below are just some of the major events our students look forward to every year.

Christmas Program: Every student performs Christmas songs with an emphasis on Christ’s birth.

Talent Show:  Students show off their talents.

Speech Meet:  Students recite poetry, Bible verses, or stories.

Math Olympics:  Students compete in the ACSI Math Olympics.

International Day:  Every class learns about a country and performs a song from that country.

Art Show:  Every student produces a unique piece to contribute to the Art Show.

Science Fair:  All students showcase a scientific experiment with a hypothesis, detail and conclusion. This alternates with Young Authors Fair every other year.

Young Authors Fair: All students publish a book for the Young Author’s fair. Alternates every other year with Science Fair.

Special Assemblies: Students in various grades attend special assemblies throughout the year. These can include: Wildlife Rainforest, Walk-through California, Walk-through Greece,  and many more.

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