artThe Arts build creativity in young minds. With the proper guidance and the right opportunities the beauty of color, form, and design in God’s creation becomes clearly visible.  In Art, our students are exposed to a wide variety of art mediums and techniques such as watercolor, pen and ink, pastel, printmaking, and acrylic.

From Kindergarten through Middle School, students learn to work with a variety of mediums and techniques. Kindergartners work on basic color theory of mixing primary colors to create secondary colors, while upper elementary students learn the elements of work by famous artists and multicultural art styles.

Once in Middle School, student projects take on more complexity as students create their own colors and learn how to paint on canvases using monochromatic acrylics.  At the end of the year, the students choose their favorite creations to be on display at our annual Art Show.

Throughout the school year several after school Art Classes are offered by our Art teacher, Ms. Melinda Cohea.