Art Program

The Arts build creativity in young minds. In Art, our
students are exposed to a wide variety of art mediums and techniques such as pen and ink, pastel, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, collage and painting.

FOCUS FOR ELEMENTARY ART:  MEET THE MASTERS: Students begin the visual arts journey in the elementary levels. Each grade level builds as we seek to use our God-given creativity, exploring art styles and learning from the masters through art history. Students will have the opportunity to use watercolors, oil pastels, chalk, tempera paint and other exciting art materials. This class develops a foundation that will be built upon throughout the student’s art education. 

FOCUS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ART:  ART EXPLORATIONS: Students continue exploring visual arts at the middle school level. This course goes beyond the elementary program with many new art mediums while celebrating our God-given talents and creativity. This class takes students around the world, exploring a wide variety of art techniques used throughout history and cultures around the world. 

FOCUS FOR HIGH SCHOOL:  STUDIO ART: Students will have the opportunity to cultivate their self-expression. They will further define their artistic styles, techniques, interests as they examine world cultures and master artists influences. At this level, students will learn about career opportunities, graphic design and artistic statements and gallery display. They will gain confidence as the honor God in their work.

At the end of the year, the students choose their favorite creations to be on display at our annual Art Show.

In the spring several after school Art Classes are offered by our Art teacher, Mrs. Amy Kleinberg.

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