The Kindergarten teachers are loving and cheerful, and really know how to get the best out of the children. I’ve never seen them raise their voice, and yet the kids listen to them very well. Academics are strong, and you get feedback often. I feel truly blessed to have my daughter in a class with so much love.


Academic Planning & College Counselling Program

Los Altos Christian Schools recognizes the importance of providing academic planning and college counseling to our high school students. During this process, we keep individual student needs in mind, and use these unique differences to customize college and academic planning.

The Academic Planning and College Counseling program begins in the freshman year. Students and their parents have the opportunity to meet with our college counsellor during spring, of their freshman year.

During the sophomore year, our academic counselor schedules a one-to-one meeting with every student and their parents for comprehensive academic planning and advising for college admissions, including SAT/ACT test planning. Students in the 10th grade take the PSAT. The PSAT scores are analyzed and interpreted to provide students and their families with a baseline for preparing for the SATs.

Students and their families continue to work with our college counsellor in one-on-one settings throughout their junior and senior years.

Our Academic Planning and College Counseling program includes individualized counseling, informational presentations, student workshops on essay writing and applications, and guest speakers on topics such as financial aid, in partnership with other schools.

Our counselor work closely with families to find colleges and universities that are best aligned with a student’s academic and extracurricular interests, career aspirations, and financial aid requirements. The primary goal is to help students find an institution that will best fit their individual needs.

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