Foreign Language

At LACS, we believe the study of foreign languages sharpens intellect, teaches reasoning and deduction, and hones in logic.  Students that are  introduced early to a bilingual world can become proficient over time.   As a result, Spanish is taught in our Elementary and Middle Schools.

During the  Kindergarten years, our students  learn greetings, basic vocabulary, numbers and more. First and Second grade students not only review the material  learned the year before, but also are introduced to  new vocabulary and simple sentence structure. They learn articles, singular and plural words as well as gender.

In Third and Fourth grade students begin simple conjugation of regular verbs and are introduced to more complex sentence structure, as well as a more expansive vocabulary. By Fifth grade, students begin conjugation of irregular verbs and continue to practice all of the above. Our Middle School Spanish class follows a curriculum that is actually used in many Spanish I High School classes.

All of our lessons are enriched with cultural activities and traditions as well as songs, games, geography, and very fun and engaging special projects and activities.  For example, our students participate in a Fifth grade Fashion Show, Middle School restaurant outing and various video projects. In Middle School, language options expand to include sign language.

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