At LACS, Science is incorporated into all grade levels. The key theme is using the scientific method– experimentation and observation, learning to record and analyze their results–all in order to explore God’s diverse creation and understand that there is a plan to how perfectly it works together.

Students learn scientific vocabulary and literacy in different areas through both classroom and hands-on activities. LACS has a garden plot with plants that the students maintain, measure growth and harvest. As they progress through the grades, students enjoy many different activities.  First Grade observes mealworms and silkworms; Third Grade dissects owl pellets, and Fifth Grade builds models of stars and the water cycle, just to name a few.

Many concepts introduced in Elementary school are expanded in Middle School where each grade focuses on a different area of study.  Classroom lectures are balanced with many hands-on activities in the science lab so students are able to “see” science in action. Hands-on projects, along with frequent access to microscopes, guest speakers, Sixth Grade Science Camp and Science Fair, help students understand abstract concepts.  Upon graduation students have a solid foundation in the sciences so they may achieve success at the high school level.

A robust after-school  science program is also offered to Elementary students (K – Gr 2) and (Gr 3 – Gr 5).  There are elective classes available to Middle School students (Gr 6 – 8) such as engineering and electronics.

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