Mission Statement

LACS equips students by providing a challenging academic environment through caring and rigorous instruction. The curriculum encourages innovative and critical thinking, strong communication skills, and effective skill to real-life application. LACS actively promotes knowledge and understanding of God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ, which will transform all aspects of the student’s life and character. Social-emotional learning is incorporated in all areas of student life. LACS nurtures a community of diverse learners where students, parents, and faculty support each other and positively influence the world around them.

Vision Statement

The 21st-century vision for Los Altos Christian Schools (LACS) is to be a Christ-centered community, which develops graduates to encompass values of leadership, academics, character, and service. LACS empowers students to be leaders in their own lives by emphasizing personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and effective interpersonal skills.

Goals for Graduates

COMMITTED CHRISTIANS who understand that Salvation only comes through the Lord Jesus Christ, demonstrate how to use the Bible as a guidebook for life and share this saving faith with others.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS who read, write, speak, listen and respond appropriately in differing situations.

CRITICAL THINKERS who apply problem-solving strategies to real-life situations.

QUALITY PRODUCERS who develop their God-given talents and abilities by showing responsibility, organization, and innovation as they pursue their goals.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPANTS who contribute positively and productively to their community, both locally and globally.

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