Mission Statement

The students of Los Altos Christian Schools demonstrate positive leadership, quality academic skills, Christian character, and service to the community.

Vision Statement

LEADERSHIP—LACS encourages students to be “leaders in their own lives” by emphasizing personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and effective interpersonal skills.

ACADEMICS—LACS provides students with a challenging academic environment through a curriculum that encourages critical thinking, strong communication skills, and effective skills application.

CHARACTER—LACS integrates a thorough knowledge of God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ, into all aspects of the school’s life.

SERVICE—LACS nurtures a community of students, parents, and staff who seek to actively support each other and positively influence the world around them.

Goals for Graduates

COMMITTED CHRISTIANS who understand that Salvation only comes through the Lord Jesus Christ, demonstrate how to use the Bible as a guidebook for life and share this saving faith with others.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS who read, write, speak, listen and respond appropriately in differing situations.

CRITICAL THINKERS who apply problem-solving strategies to real-life situations.

QUALITY PRODUCERS who develop their God-given talents and abilities by showing responsibility, organization, and innovation as they pursue their goals.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPANTS who contribute positively and productively to their community, both locally and globally.

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