Parents Active with Schools (PAWS) is designed to support LACS in various ways, including Service Projects, Support Programs, and Capital Needs. Our Mission is Growing Together.

Service Projects include events that enhance the community of the LACS family. PAWS hosts fundraising events, such as the Lions Leap walkathon/obstacle course race and Spring Community Event. Festivities such as the Back to-School Social and other Community Building Events, are funded by PAWS. PAWS also provides Room Parenting support for teachers.

Support Programs keep the LACS educational experience current.  This year, PAWS will support school-wide assemblies, such as Mad Science or Computer Assemblies.  The Annual Teacher Appreciation Gift (TAG) for faculty and staff, which is an essential piece of upholding the School’s vision, culture, and community, is managed by PAWS every December.

Capital Needs are expenditures funded by PAWS that fall outside the school’s operating budget.  These enhance both learning opportunities and capital improvements.  PAWS funding includes things such as computer and technical enhancements, playground improvements and classroom upgrades.


Children:  Clara (6th Grade), Evan (2nd Grade)
Positions on PAWS:  President (Leah), Member At-Large (Aaron)
Why we enjoy serving on PAWS: We love to be active at LACS to help bring connection to the families and teachers. This is what makes our school so unique and special. PAWS is a small way for us to help our community grow together.

Children: Kaden (3rd Grade) , Graham (Kindergarten)
Position on PAWS: Secretary
Why I enjoy serving on PAWS: Being on the PAWS board has been wonderful. It has given me a greater opportunity to meet and work with other parents from the community and feel like I’m more plugged in with the events that are happening for the school. Helping figure out how to best serve our school, teachers, students and parents has been a blessing. Plus we have fun together!

Children: Siena (6th Grade), Angela (23 and 2nd grade teacher in Cupertino)
Position on PAWS: Member At-Large
Why I enjoy serving on PAWS: I enjoy being active where my children attend school.  I love to assist and help make a difference in a variety of aspects:  fundraising, events and fellowship. I look forward to serving on PAWS as a new family to LACS.

Children: 2nd Grade
Position on PAWS: Member At-Large
Why I enjoy serving on PAWS: This is our 12th year at LACS! We have been tremendously blessed by this community, and it’s a privilege to serve within it.

Children: 1st Grade
Position on PAWS: Member At-Large
Why I enjoy serving on PAWS: I became involved in PAWS this year because it offers a great opportunity for families to make a difference at their students’ school. I love the great work PAWS does for relationships that comprise the wonderful LACS community— children, families, teachers, and administration.

Other Positions on PAWS: Treasurer and 3 additional PAWS Members At-Large, Faculty Representative and Head of Schools