The PTF Mission: The PTF is designed to support LACS in various ways, including Service Projects, Support Programs, and Capital Needs.

Service Projects include events that enhance the community of the LACS family. The PTF hosts fundraising events, such as the annual Walk-A-Thon and Spring Auction.  Festivities such as the Backto-School Barbecue, Parent Coffee Socials, Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast and Year-End Graduation events, are funded by the Parent Teacher Fellowship.  The Fellowship also runs the Father/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son Adventure, which are wonderful bonding experiences for LACS families.

Support Programs keep the LACS educational experience current.  This year, the PTF will support school-wide assemblies, such as Mad Science and Middle School cultural experiences.  The Annual Season’s Givings Offering for faculty and staff, which is an essential piece of upholding the School’s vision, culture, and community, is managed by the PTF every December.

Capital Needs are expenditures funded by PTF that fall outside the school’s operating budget.  These enhance both learning opportunities and capital improvements.  PTF funding includes things such as computer and technical enhancements, playground improvements and classroom upgrades.

Parent Teacher Fellowship Board

Daniel & Jessica Kang
Children: Noah (6th Grade), Tobias (2nd Grade), Asa (1st Grade), Ezra (Preschool)
Positions on PTF:  President (Daniel), Preschool Director (Jessica)

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  The LACS community has been such a tremendous blessing on our family. Serving on PTF is a small way in which we are able to give back and partner with staff and other families in serving our school and meeting the tangible needs that the school has. The warmth and support that the PTF provides to other families and teachers at LACS is what really helps our school to stand out as being a place where everyone is welcomed and the love of Christ is understood.

Michael & Jill Taylor
Children:  Samuel (2LAD), Melanie (Kindergarten)
Positions on PTF:  Treasurer (Michael), K-5 Lead Room Parent (Jill)

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  We are so thankful for LACS and how our children are thriving here.  Being part of the PTF gives us the opportunity to serve together with parents, teachers, and staff.  We love the community bonds that we are helping to build with various PTF sponsored events.

Steve & Shannon Durand
Children:  Ryah (LACS Alum), Tate (LACS Alum), CJ (LACS Alum)
Position on PTF:  Members At-Large

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  We are happy to help LACS in a practical way, and the PTF community helps us connect with families outside our children’s age groups.  Since Steve is on staff at Bridges Community Church as the Family Pastor, being on the PTF allows us to connect with families who benefit from this church ministry.

Nico & Meg Roundy
Children:  Maddy (5th Grade), Nalani (3rd Grade), Zane (Kindergarten)
Position on PTF:  Members At-Large

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  It is our pleasure to assist the continued growth of the LACS community.  We have enjoyed watching our children grow and flourish as they develop life-long friendships. 

Scott & Tina Baird

Children:  Jack (2nd), Abby (1LAD)
Position on PTF:  Secretary

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  Serving on the PTF Board is one way our family has chosen to give back to our school community.  We feel blessed to be a part of LACS, and it is particularly gratifying to know that the work we do with fundraisers and events directly supports and benefits all of our children.

Diana & Jorge Saldana
Children:  Caterina (5th Grade), Jorge (1LAD)
Position on PTF:  Members At-Large

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  We have seen an amazing improvement in our son’s learning and social skills within the first few months of coming to LACS.  Soon after, we brought our daughter to an Open House, and she fell in love with the school and really enjoyed the teachers and administration.  With both of our children now attending LACS, we are extremely grateful for the staff at this wonderful school because they make attending school and enjoyable experience for our children.  Serving as a volunteer with PTF is our way to give back to the school community and thank our teachers and administration.

Bruce & Roxanne Van Nice
Children:  Mirabel (8th)
Position on PTF:  Middle School Lead Room Parent

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  After witnessing the love and dedication the teachers and administration have towards all LACS students, including the way they’ve helped shape our daughter over the years, we felt strongly that we’d like to help in any way we can.   Joining PFT allows us the opportunity to share and implement new ideas to further enhance the school and community.

Dustin & Kristen Bogue
Children:  Holden (5 LAD), Aaron (3 LAD)
Position on PTF:  Members At-Large

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  We enjoy volunteering and using our time and resources to help our school community spread the love of Jesus Christ.

Gabe & Dana Pethtel
Children:  Logan (U.S. Air Force Academy), Caleb (High School), Emma (6th Grade), Hudson (Preschool)
Position on PTF:  LACS Head of Schools (Gabe)

Why we enjoy serving on PTF:  I enjoy getting to know the parents within our school community better by serving on this board.  It is a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of our students and parents during each special event that is put on by our PTF.

Troy & Brooke Kvingedal
Children: Addison (3LAD)
Position on PTF:  Members At-Large

Our oldest daughter enrolled in the LAD program Fall of 2016, her self confidence and educational growth has been astounding. We are so happy for her to be a part of this great school that has helped nurture and grow her education as well as social needs with such a wonderfully supportive faculty and staff. As a result, we felt like we wanted to give back to the school that has already provided our family with so much joy. We look forward to helping contribute in anyway possible to ensure other families can have the same experience we have had.

Audra Robinson
LACS Faculty Representative