Academic Planning & College Consulting Program

9th Grade (October & March)

  • Introduction to college preparation
  • Assessment of college path
  • Extracurricular information (volunteers/jobs)
  • School courses/focus on GPA
  • Summer break planning
  • Take first PSAT
  • Explore possible opportunities for awards/recognition

10th Grade (October & March)

  • Potential college lists for LACS students
  • Narrow down interests/strengths
  • Evaluate PSAT & SAT prep
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Summer break planning
  • Significant differences between high school and college

11th Grade (October & March)

  • Introduction to building a resume for your college application
  • College application guidelines
  • Finalize/gather extracurricular information
  • Explore available majors
  • List prospective schools
  • SAT/PSAT score evaluation
  • SAT prep
  • First rough draft of college list
  • Summer break planning

12th Grade (only 1st semester)

  • Introduction to college applications
  • Explore resources regarding scholarships
  • Finalize resume
  • Finalize college lists

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