12 May 2023

Senior Spotlight: Alex

Meet one of the graduates of our first LACS High School graduating class of 2023 – Alex!

Parent testimonial:

When Alex was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age three, we were devastated, especially because we were told that his condition was severe.  The initial prognosis was that he may end up needing support for the rest of his life.  We did not know what to do other than trust our Lord for his future.  We felt hopeless and disappointed that Alex may not have the opportunity to enjoy his life fully.  One night, Michael was so afraid of Alex’s future, he recited Psalm 23 repeatedly until Alex fell asleep. This happened for many weeks. Miraculously, Alex began to memorize Psalm 23 when he barely started speaking! This is captured on this YouTube video created in September 2009: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55CPk1elHSk . We were encouraged to see Alex make progress gradually, albeit slowly. After he finished his special education in the elementary school, we were led to Los Altos Christian School because we felt that the teachers would be caring and kind to take care of his special needs. Then after Alex completed the eighth grade, we started looking for his high school.  We went to visit many schools in the area but could not find the right school for him.  Fortunately, three boys in his class also reached the conclusion that they could not find a right school, either. For some miraculous reasons, LACS decided to start the High School Program for the first time in its history. This June, all four boys will be breaking a new ground by successfully graduating from the inaugural class and by going to a four-year college, thereby achieving the 100% college admission record.  This is a great start for the LACS High School. We want to thank the Bridges Community Church, the Elder Board, and the School Board for enabling the four boys to graduate.  We want to thank the teachers and the school leadership for this amazing achievement.  We should all be proud of this graduating class of 2023 because we could not have done it without each others’ support, especially help from our Lord.  We learned that God listens to our prayers and is faithfully delivering us from the challenges we face daily. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and give praise our Lord!

Student testimonial:

“This school has helped me a lot since the 6th grade.  The first way school helped me was that the teachers were generous and kind.  They could answer the questions whenever I needed help.  The second way school helped me happened when the teachers showed us how to take notes.  They prepared us for college by asking us to use our own words for each definition and example.  The third way school helped me was that the classes were smaller.  The smaller classes meant we had time to do our homework and study for any exams.  The fourth thing school helped me do was to become a more mature person.  This meant I had a positive attitude and good feelings.  These are the ways school helped me in my life.”

Please join us in congratulating and praying for Alex as he completes his journey at LACS!

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