12 May 2023

Senior Spotlight: Ryan

Meet one of the graduates of our first LACS High School graduating class of 2023 – Ryan!

Parent testimonial:
“LACS’s high school creates so many possibilities. We not only witness how my son built up his academic strength, but also the development of his spiritual belief. Our original plan is looking for a small school offers inclusion environment that my son can work toward his high school diploma. The outcome is beyond our expectation. Our son got 100% acceptance rate for his 10 college applications. Thank you so much to all the dedicated teachers and staffs working together to help him overcoming his academic challenges, social and emotion weaknesses. Their patience and care made the difference. The high school program is well defined and flexible. The program director works with every student and tries to support what they need. We feel very grateful.”


Student testimonial:
“I love LACS. The things I enjoyed in school are many fun field trips and community service times. Community service makes me enjoy helping other people. I also like how this school has challenging classes, like Physics. My teachers care for me. They would help me to find solutions if I get stressed out. After many science projects and presentations, I feel comfortable and enjoy writing. I believe LACS gets me ready for going to college.”

Please join us in congratulating and praying for Ryan as he completes his journey at LACS!

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