The Kindergarten teachers are loving and cheerful, and really know how to get the best out of the children. I’ve never seen them raise their voice, and yet the kids listen to them very well. Academics are strong, and you get feedback often. I feel truly blessed to have my daughter in a class with so much love.


High School

Los Altos Christian High School’s mission is to equip students with language-based learning disabilities as well as students with no assessed learning needs. Each period of the school day is to empower them for a lifetime of learning and en-rich their educational and social potential. At LACS, every effort is made to help stu-dents become independent, self-advocating learners within an inclusive and sup-portive environment that respects and meets all of our students exactly where they are in the learning process and in life. Los Altos Christian High School’s daily goal is to provide students with the most appropriate and individualized program possible while emphasizing the development of language and learning/study skills within a highly structured environment. The high school offers customized programs beginning with structured literacy, progressing sequentially through higher level language and study skills. The core of LACS’s curriculum consists of small class sizes in language arts, lev-eled mathematics, science, history, reading, communications, and a wide variety of unique electives.

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