LACS helps Bay Area parents nurture joyful leaders who positively influence the world in a Christ-centered community.



Students Learn through Community

At LACS, we understand the importance of learning in community, which is why we incorporate service, collaborative thinking, and projects into our High School curriculum. Students are encouraged to serve one another and work together to solve problems and create solutions in learning communities.



Customizable Learning Experience for Academic Excellence

At LACS, we strive to create a personalized approach to education in a nurturing environment where students can feel confident and supported in their learning. We believe that every student has the potential to achieve greatness and that it is our job to help them reach their full potential. 



A Faith Based Nurturing Environment for Spiritual and Character Development

At LACS, we help our students develop a strong moral compass, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards others. By providing a well-rounded education that emphasizes academic excellence, character development, and spiritual growth, we help each student develop a strong and firm foundation that will guide their decisions in the future.

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