06 Dec 2023

Ryan Posada’s Testimony

My Story At LACS

My name is Ryan Posada, I was born and raised in Silicon Valley and I attended Los Altos Christian School from 2010-2012. My journey may not have begun or ended here at Los Altos Christian School, but it definitely created the person who I am today. My story and the message I want to share is for all the current parents, teachers, and staff at LACS.

I came to LACS starting in the 4th grade LAD program. At the time, I struggled with reading and writing with a learning disorder called Dyslexia. Moving to a new school was a huge challenge for me. I had no friends, no familiar faces, teachers who I didn’t know, and a whole new environment to take in. I remember walking into my first day of class with my mom right behind me. I immediately felt terrified! I remember only seeing just a handful of students in my classroom, maybe 12 to 15. My teacher at the time was Mrs. Swanson. She was the best! I will never forget her. She was the one who had to deal with me during my hardest moments in the classroom. She took care of me and made me feel comfortable and insured positivity for my future in the class. I soon accepted LACS as my new school. I started to make new friends quite quickly. Little did I know, my 4th grade year set me up to have an amazing experience in the years to come!

The year went by so fast, and the next thing I knew I was a 5th grader at LACS, still in the LAD program, with plenty of friends who loved coming to school each and every day. I think students loved coming to the LAD program because of the way it was structured. The smaller classrooms created the perfect storm for quality hands-on education and the ability to make friends easier. With smaller classrooms, I was able to focus better and pay attention longer. Not to mention it made it feel like I was part of a family too. My 5th grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Graham. She was the perfect teacher for me to not only succeed but excel in my education, communication skills, and a little discipline along the way. I truly remember just having a wonderful, fun, and smooth 5th grade year! Looking back today, I couldn’t ask for a better 5th grade year.

My 6th grade year was one to remember for sure. Although it was my last year at LACS, I made the most out of it. My 6th grade teacher I prominently remember was Mrs. Floreal. At the time, she taught Math and History. Honestly, she was exactly what I needed. She was someone who not only taught in a way that I could understand the material very easily, but also someone who was able to show a fair level of discipline as well. I say this because I was a little troublemaker growing up. I would disrupt the class by talking with my friends, cracking jokes, laughing or try to make other kids laugh. Mrs. Floreal was not having it. She’d give me this stare with one eye brow up and one down and just have the whole class look at me and she’d say, “Ryan, are you done or you finished?” or “Ryan, you have something to say to the whole class…no no please share.” My response after knowing my mistakes was, “Sorry Mrs. Floreal, that won’t happen again.” As much as I was a little trouble maker at times in her class we always got along so well. She really was the perfect teacher to teach a 6th grader like myself. Although my teachers have moved on, they truly made a difference in my education and I know LACS continues to do the same today.

My Basketball Experience At LACS

Playing basketball for LACS during my 5th and 6th grade year was definitely my favorite time during my basketball career growing up. Starting my 5th grade year, basketball season was around the corner. At this time, I was playing AAU Boys Basketball which stands for Amateur Athletic Union. It can also be referred to as Club Basketball or Travel Basketball. Generally, it refers to non-school teams that are competing. With a year of AAU basketball experience behind me, I definitely had an edge compared to my friends/teammates. As practices were starting, I realized Mr. Burman was not only my PE teacher but my Coach as well.

As we practiced and started to get ready for our first game, I quickly found my craft and knew I was going to be playing the starting point guard position for the team just like in my AAU team. During PE class, I remember Mr. Burman making us run around the same blacktop you see today. It was just run, run, and more running. I remember running the mile, time and time again. I told my father that it was starting to feel pointless on why we had to constantly run in PE. As time passed, my father and I actually didn’t really care for Mr. Burman’s PE way. We didn’t understand why he would just make us run all the time. I remember one day as the season was just about to start, I found out my father was going to be the Assistant Coach for my team. I was thrilled! As my father attended all the practices and games after school, he was able to understand my teammates and help them find their crafts within the sport.

As my team and I improved after each and every game, I started to score an average of 20 points per game and my team and I started to win more and more. Eventually, my father and I realized our team was out-running everyone on the court! While running up and down the court, we were not getting as tired as the other teams. We quickly realized it was because Burman has been making my classmates and I run all this time during PE class. Once my father and I fully realized this, we told ourselves that this makes total sense. Running during PE is improving the way we play basketball. So, when Mr. Burman’s teaching methods may not make sense up front, there’s always a reason behind it and it works. One of my biggest reasons why I really enjoyed playing basketball for LACS, was because everyone got to play in every basketball game no matter what. It was all about making sure everyone had a fun time while improving their basketball skills. It wasn’t just about winning. To this day, when I get the opportunity to shoot some hoops with my father for fun, we always find ourselves with a smile on our faces thinking back to the great memories of when I used to wear the LACS basketball jersey.

After the 6th grade, I no longer needed the LAD Program. My parents decided to transfer me over to Valley Christian so I could go to the same school as my sister. When I left, I remember my parents driving me out of the same parking lot that still sits here today. Thinking of all the amazing times I had at LACS flashing through my eyes. From the terrifying first day in 4th grade, to the amazing care from the teachers and staff, not to mention the unforgettable times on the LACS basketball court, I always knew I’d come back at some point in my life. Well, 12 years later I finally made it back. I’ve now started to volunteer and help out the basketball program here at LACS, just like my father did all those years ago, and I’m looking forward to making a positive impact on everyone’s lives on an off the basketball court.

How LACS Helped Me

There is no question LACS helped me become the person I am today. I believe having a solid foundation in your education, faith, and your path to success is key, and this is exactly what LACS offered me. My three years at LACS were times in my life that were crucial to my growing development and faith. I look back today and realize God was with me every step of the way while I was attending LACS. He has always been by my side, never leaving me, always taking care of me, and guiding me in the right direction. It’s truly amazing to see what LACS and the power of God has been able to do with me. From the teachers, teaching the quality education my parents were looking for and what I needed, to the staff behind the office desk helping me out and providing the best service possible, and the upper administration maintaining an education system that works. Of course, I can’t forget my favorite PE teacher and coach Mr. Burman. With that said, I’ve never seen a better system in place for students and parents to feel like a family. Something that helped me during my years at LACS was the way they showed faith and Christianity in the classroom. This was also something that stood out to my parents and me. This is something we couldn’t seem to find anywhere else. It seemed to be a perfect balance of faith and education all in one place.

I like to think of LACS as a little gem nestled away in the amazing city of Los Altos. It’s a place where the Lord has his hands hovering over each and every person on campus. Even when you don’t see it, even when you don’t feel it, God is working. He never stops working, he is a miracle worker and is the light in the darkness. I’ve recognized over the years God gives everyone a gift and challenge in life. It’s how we use our gift and battle with our challenge that make us who we are. I believe God placed me in LACS for a reason, not only to battle and improve the challenges I faced, but also to create the gift built in my spirit today. My time at LACS has a special place in my heart, and all 3 years I attended were nothing short of truly amazing.

My Story After LACS

After finishing my 6th grade year at LACS, my journey continued at Valley Christian Junior High School where I attended 7th and 8th grade and continued my basketball career. As I continued to stay in Valley’s program, I transitioned into the high school smoothly. Taking the lessons and core values I learned from LACS really allowed me to take full advantage at Valley and through my high school years. During my high school years at Valley Christian, I’ve been fortunate to receive a great education, create life-long friends and memories, all while growing my faith even stronger.

After graduating from Valley Christian High School in 2018, I decided to stay local and attend De Anza College and then transfer to San Jose State University. During my college years, I realized I developed skills relating to math, communication, and a love for business. It became obvious majoring in business was the right path for me. I didn’t have to think twice. So, I decided to get my degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at SJSU. During college, I received my Notary License in 2020. During this job, I learned the ins and outs of Escrow and how to provide the best service and knowledge for the borrower’s wants and goals. The following year, I received my Real Estate License in 2021 and joined Coldwell Banker Realty in Los Gatos. Knowing I wanted to be in the real estate industry for quite some time, I figured getting my foot in the door during college might not be a bad idea even though I knew doing Real Estate and going to college full time is exceedingly difficult to do. Once again, receiving a great college education at SJSU, my graduation day finally came, and I knew I’d be starting a new chapter in my life.

Shortly after graduating from San Jose State University in 2023 with my degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at the age of 24, I decided to travel to the Netherlands and stay in a little town called Assen with some family members who have lived there since 2015. What started as just a two-week trip, quickly developed into me living in Europe for 3 months. With no complicated responsibilities, no school debt, and with a little money in my pocket, I took the opportunity to go and visit not only the Netherlands, but London, Belgium, Paris, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Istanbul, Switzerland, and Italy. This was truly a life-changing experience because I never got the opportunity to travel the world growing up, let alone visit 10 different countries and see all walks of life. Seeing what the world is like in other places gave me a different perspective on life whether it’s food, culture, lifestyle, transportation etc. After my travels and experiences, I would recommend anyone of any age to travel around and definitely see a 3rd world county because you will appreciate more what the Lord has given you here in the U.S. It’s truly a night and day difference and eye opening in many ways. If you’re ever looking for a place to travel in the EU, I’d be happy to give some great recommendations from my personal experience.

What’s Next

Well, today God is still pathing my path and I’m excited to see where he takes me. Now that I’ve just got back from Europe, I’ll be volunteering as an Assistant Basketball coach alongside Mr. Burman. I knew in my heart that this was going to be a great opportunity for myself to give back to the school I love so much and teach the kids the fundamentals of basketball. I’ve officially started my business, and I’m currently working full time as a Real Estate Agent/Property Manager serving all of Silicon Valley while still being a Notary on the side. With a sturdy foundation and the Lord working within me, I’m so excited to start helping people buy, sell, and invest in real estate and then later become a broker in the near future. With many of my family members being in the real estate business for 30+ years and God creating the path he has taken me on has developed this passion I have for the industry. I have always strongly valued the feeling of being settled somewhere that I can call home, somewhere with roots and where I can envision my future. I found my passion in helping others achieve that same feeling. Based on that perspective, I’m dedicated to assisting clients navigate the buying, selling, and investing processes to best fit their goals and lifestyle while making the experience as seamless as possible. My aim is to take complexities out of the equation by being completely available to clients whether they need peace of mind, advice, clarification, or support. I am committed to the highest level of service and my clients will have an opportunity to see the enthusiasm, energy, and dedication that I bring to them and the Real Estate marketplace!

I believe God has planted another seed in my life. One in which it will grow to help others transition into a new stage in their lives just like he has done for me. The Lord works in the mysterious ways, but I believe all things are possible through him. So, if any parents, teachers, or staff, have questions or are uncertain about anything and want my advice in regards to my experience at LACS, education, travel, or your Real Estate needs, please reach out to me anytime.

Ryan Posada

Notary | Property Manager | Realtor®

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