31 May 2023

3rd Grade Chapel Presentation on How to Support Ukraine

Have you ever wondered how young students can make a difference in the world? How can they learn to become leaders and serve others in a meaningful way? At LACS, we believe that even our youngest students can embody our core values of leadership, academics, character, and service. In this blog post, we share an amazing story of compassion and service from a group of third graders who wanted to make a positive impact on the world.

Turning an idea into impact

Three young girls walked into the Head of School’s office with an idea to raise money for families suffering in Ukraine. They wanted to make a difference in the world and they knew that even as third graders, they could make a positive impact. The Head of School was impressed with their initiative and gave them approval to move forward with their plan.

Excited to start, the girls made appointments with staff members to help them develop their idea. They brainstormed interview questions, asked their parents to help them with research resources, met with staff members, and took notes in meetings. Their parents helped them design a book and the girls wrote and illustrated it themselves.

The girls knew that they needed to promote their book to raise money, so they made posters advertising their idea and presented it in chapel. They even invited people to pray with them. Throughout the stages of planning and implementing their idea, these third grade students embodied the values of service, leadership, and academics. They showed an incredible act of service that was sparked by their desire to positively influence the world. They demonstrated courageous leadership as they took on the challenge to do something that they hadn’t done before. Additionally, their academics helped them through the process by helping them to be effective problem solvers, critical thinkers, and collaborators.

Their idea was a huge success and they were able to raise a significant amount of money for families in need. The impact of their actions went far beyond the funds collected for Ukraine. By supporting the girls’ idea and guiding them in their endeavors, the school had empowered them to recognize their own potential to create positive change in the world. This experience would inspire them to continue making a difference in their future adventures.

From the Parents:

The following letter from a parent of one of the third grade girls to the Head of Schools includes a wonderful testimony of how much the students benefitted from this idea, and how the staff and faculty at LACS encouraged them every step of the way.

“My daughter told me she wanted to sell her hand-made books and collect money to donate to Ukraine.  She took the school bake sales, chapel offerings, and donations all very seriously.  I was amazed and proud how she made the connections with her hand made books, involving her friends, and eventually involving the entire school.

The school’s leadership and dedication to nurturing the students’ ideas and transforming them into impactful actions are truly remarkable. By recognizing the potential of the students’ idea to sell handmade books, the school not only encouraged their creativity but also guided them towards a cause that holds great significance in today’s world.

These children of the Silicon Valley probably have never experienced poverty or hardship in life. The school’s guidance shows a commitment to fostering empathy and compassion in the students. The school has empowered them to make a tangible difference and cultivate a sense of social responsibility.  The school has not only provided the students with valuable learning opportunities but has also allowed them to develop essential skills such as leadership, teamwork, and community engagement. Through this initiative, the school has instilled in them the values of generosity, cultural understanding, and the importance of supporting those in need.

The impact of this initiative goes far beyond the funds collected for Ukraine. By supporting the students’ idea and guiding them in their endeavors, the school has empowered them to recognize their own potential to create positive change in the world. The valuable lessons they have learned through this experience will inspire them to continue making a difference in their future adventures.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the school’s unwavering commitment to the students and their growth. This experience not only enriched their educational journey but also nurtured their sense of empathy and responsibility towards the global community.  The school’s efforts will make a lasting impact on their lives, and it will continue to inspire them to become compassionate and socially conscious individuals.”

From the Students:

“We thought about how the school does the bake sales to raise money for Ukraine and we wanted to help too, but copy the bake sale, so we did something different instead. It’s a book and it also shows what we are doing and how to help. Yvonne knew she couldn’t do it alone, so she reached out to friends.

We wanted to raise money so that we could give aid and be helped during the war and it can go to a specific church in Ukraine that Mrs. Wen has a student connection with. We wanted to do something that our school could help us raise money. Presenting in chapel felt a little embarrassing. but also felt good to tell other people what we wanted to do for Ukraine and help to influence everybody to make a change in the world.”

We are so proud of the impact that our students are making at LACS, throughout our community, and throughout the world!

LACS is so proud of these students taking the initiative and being a positive influence to the world! Check out our Elementary School Program to learn more about how LACS supports students to develop their leadership through service.