We are here to serve families in the Los Altos, Mountain View, Cupertino and surrounding areas. Our Preschool Studentbelief is that early education should be a partnership with parents. Our job is to provide a framework for constructive learning and to inspire and support our student’s first learning experiences in the home.
LACP has an extremely low turnover rate for our beloved staff and our teachers have been a part of our school family anywhere from three years to over twenty! This speaks to the high caliber of education we offer and the importance of our school’s focus on community. We love the sense of community that our school offers and our smaller class sizes help to foster a great connection between our teachers and parents.
Our average class size is 10 students, however for our 2 and 3 years olds, our teacher ratio is 1:8. Currently we employ teaching assistants when there are more than 8 students in a classroom for our 2 and 3 year olds. This ratio is well below the CA requirements of 1:12 and we feel that the ratio we offer allows our teachers to do accurate assessments of our student’s areas of growth along withPreschool Students being able to note possible concerns for each child.
As a Christian school, we remain focused on Christian values and have worked these core character values into our curriculum. We currently offer a non-denominational chapel program that uses Biblical stories to enhance these ideals. Our students learn about honesty, friendship, thankfulness, joy, and cooperation, all while they are engaged in a fun, hands-on learning process using songs, games, finger-plays and even acting out the stories themselves in costume! They love re-telling the stories and being able to participate in the dramas.

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