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Kindergarten-12th Grade


Los Altos Christian Schools

Los Altos Christian Schools, a private Christian school, serves students Kindergarten - High School. The general instruction level is geared towards challenging the average to above average learner. The goal is to provide a quality education in a warm, Christian atmosphere where students can become leaders and influence the world around.

Who are we?

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Who do we Love?

Los Altos Christian Elementary School promotes an academic climate designed to challenge the average to above-average learners in a small and nurturing environment.
The Elementary School also offers a Learning Assistance Department (LAD): where self-contained, small class sizes allow individual attention for students who need additional bolstering in more than one subject.
Los Altos Christian Middle School offers a quality education with student leadership opportunities and exposure to different skills and subjects in a small, caring environment.
Los Altos Christian High School’s mission is to equip students with language-based learning disabilities as well as students with no assessed learning needs, in a small and supportive environment.

Learning Assistance Department

Los Altos Christians Schools Learning Assistance Department (LAD), offered to Elementary students, is dedicated to teaching children in the way they learn, using a multi-sensory approach to education across the curriculum.

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Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life program at Los Altos Christian Schools (LACS) provides support for students as they grow in their understanding of God and themselves.

Why Los Altos Christian School

There are many reasons our families choose to send their children to Los Altos Christian Schools.