17 May 2023

Senior Spotlight: Joshua

Meet one of the graduates of our first LACS High School graduating class of 2023 – Joshua!

Parent testimonial:

At the age of 4, our son drew a detailed picture explaining to us the ecosystem of satellite transmission, through which Korean dramas and news reached our TV screen in our living room.  He understood that the content was produced in South Korea, halfway around the world, and was being “beamed” up to a satellite in space wirelessly, which in turn beamed back down to a small satellite dish sitting on top of our roof (yes we had those back then).  He also understood that the content was then being transmitted through wires connected to our TV in the house, thus allowing Grandma to enjoy Korean news and dramas in our home in California.   As a preschooler, he was able to differentiate between wired and wireless transmission of data and developed a passion for space and flight.  Around the same time, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and we discovered his unique learning differences.  And so a new journey began.

Since then, our son has faced numerous challenges. School became increasingly difficult for him, and social settings posed even greater obstacles. In our search for a learning environment that would provide both nurturing support and intellectual challenges, we discovered LACS when he was in 8th grade and have stayed ever since. The teachers and staff at LACS are truly exceptional. Their talent and genuine care for their students have been an incredible gift to our son. They have gone above and beyond our expectations by providing him with emotional support, fostering his spiritual growth, and nurturing his academic development. We are immensely grateful for the impact they have had on his life. Our time at LACS has been a true blessing, and we give thanks to God for it.

Now, as our son embarks on his journey to college, he will pursue his dream of studying Aviation/Engineering at San Jose State University with the ultimate goal of becoming a pilot. This path will undoubtedly demand hard work and endurance, but we are confident that he is well-equipped for the challenges ahead. We are deeply grateful for everything that has been instilled in him by the dedicated teachers and staff at LACS. Thank you, LACS, for everything you have done.

Student testimonial:

I like LACS because teachers are friendly, helpful, encouraging and nice. Teachers helped with preparing forms and telling us what to expect to get us ready for college.


Please join us in congratulating and praying for Joshua as he completes his journey at LACS!

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