24 Jun 2024

Los Altos Christian School Celebrates 8th Graders Accepted to Top Private High Schools

We are excited to share that several 8th-grade students from Los Altos Christian School (LACS) have been accepted to top private high schools in the Bay Area. This is a big achievement for our students and our school!

These students have worked hard, shown great leadership, and been active in their communities. Their efforts and the support from our teachers have helped them get ready for high school and beyond.

Some of the top private high schools that have accepted our students include:

  • Saint Francis High School
  • Kings Academy
  • Valley Christian High School
  • Presentation High School

Getting into these schools shows how strong our academic programs are and how much we focus on developing good character at LACS. Our challenging classes, personalized teaching, and caring community help our students do well in many areas.

“We are very proud of our 8th-grade students,” said David Huang, Haed of Schooll. “Their acceptance into these top high schools shows their hard work, leadership, and kindness.”

At LACS, we are committed to creating a supportive and challenging learning environment. We are excited to see what our 8th graders will achieve in the future, and we will continue to support them as they move on to high school.