Early literacy training provided in our dynamic, supportive, and nurturing environment is the cornerstone of our kindergarten program. Reading, writing, and phonics are integral to the curriculum, with an emphasis on decoding and spelling words. Teacher and children read predictable print books and have a literature focus on Nursery Rhymes and several authors including Dr. Suess, Eric Carle, and Maurice Sendak. Moreover, each kindergartner completes their first book report with our Librarian. This is the time when cognitive and linguistic capacities emerge, and our program enhances this development.


The math curriculum is designed to provide rich, meaningful, and engaging experiences through hands-on math exploration utilizing real world scenarios, math fact songs, and manipulatives. These not only provide the building blocks of math, but also a strong foundation for years to come. We have found that by providing a quality education in a Christian atmosphere, our students are able to develop academic skills that enhance learning.

Science & Social Studies

Science and Social Studies are integrated across the kindergarten curriculum. In Science we utilize real world scenarios, problem solving/hypothesis formation, as well as cooking activities and field trips. Through scientific experimentations, the students are exposed to the living and physical world around them. The Social Studies curriculum offers students a global perspective which enhances their understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. Special emphasis is placed on international countries, holidays, and an annual school-wide International Day performance. As an added bonus, each child receives a scholastic magazine that expands on historical concepts.

Specialized Classes: Art, PE, Spanish, Computers, Music & Library

Each kindergarten has specialized teachers in Art, PE, Spanish, Computers, Music, and Library. Teachers in each of these classes are experts in their respective areas. Students are exposed to various topics and teaching styles. Specialized classes meets once a week, with PE meeting twice a week.

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