Meg Roundy

Meg has been part of the LACS community since 2003 in various roles.  Her husband Nico worked at LACS from 2003 to 2013.  All three of her children attended the school between 2012-2019 in both Gen Ed and LAD programs.  She has been the LACS bookkeeper since 2013 and taught elementary computer classes from 2014 to 2019.  She enjoys helping people with all the accounting needs at LACS.  Meg has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education from UCLA. 
She is a busy mom of three, but enjoys reading, working out, hiking, and traveling when the opportunities arise. Fun fact?  She lived in Montana as a child 40 miles from electricity, phones, and the nearest town.  She enjoyed her mom’s home-cooked meals from the cook stove.  She had horses, a cow, chickens, cats, and a dog to take care of!  Her most hated chore was churning butter, and now her kids make it for her in their home!