There are many reasons our families choose to send their children to Los Altos Christian Schools.
Strong Christian Values:  Our belief is that each student is an original, a masterpiece created by God with a very specific purpose.  We work to grow each student spiritually so that  each student is equipped with a moral compass that guides their attitudes and relationships towards others.
High Test Scores:  Our consistent Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) national ranking in the 80th-90th percentile has proven that our students retain what they learn in the classroom.  We expect this trend to continue with the New Terra Nova Tests.
Low Student-Teacher Ratios:  The number of students per full-time teacher is low because we hire teacher aides to assist the core teaching staff.  Hiring specialized subject teachers creates an opportunity for LACS to teach a greater variety of subjects, as well as enables differentiate teaching levels within the classroom.
Strong Teacher Retention: Our teaching staff is truly one of our greatest assets.  On average our teaching staff has been at LACS for 11 years.  Teachers elect to return to their classrooms year after year where they serve as positive role models and a source of inspiration to our young learners.  Our teachers main goal is to do what is best for their students.
Parent Community: The parent community at LACS is very welcoming and  family oriented. The parents see the school and home working as a partnership to bring out the best in each student.  Many of the friendships formed outlast the years the students attend LACS.  The peaceful and friendly atmosphere is often noticed the first time a parent sets foot on our campus.
Beautiful Campus:  Secluded, away from busy streets, surrounded by hills, trees and a picturesque creek, the LACS campus is a relaxing place for our students.  The full-size professional gym provides the venue for in school assemblies, many after school sport activities and a spacious area for our students to enjoy lunch rain or shine.

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