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Laurent Swanson

Laurent Swanson

3Grade LAD Aide

Laurent Swanson has joined Los Altos Christian Schools in aiding and teaching students not only the 3-R’s but also the life of Jesus Christ.  Being a California native, she recognizes the privileges and responsibilities for our land.  Although, not raised in a Christian home, the Lord chose to save her before many tragedies came upon her own family knowing they could not get through them without Him.  She graduated from San Jose State College and attended Fuller Seminary for a brief period.  Laurent continues to study with Bible Study Fellowship where she taught the Bible in the Children’s Department for 17 years.  She is blessed with a daughter and two sons who all live in the Bay Area and have given her five grandchildren who are the delight of her heart. She brings a deep love for Christ and children, along with decades of training and experience, teaching and tutoring young students.  Reading, Bible study, polo are just a few of her favorite activities.


The goal is to provide a quality education in a warm Christian atmosphere where students can become leaders and influence the world around.

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