Students in our Learning Assistance Department (LAD) are part of a unique program in the LACS Middle School which offers them the opportunity to benefit from specialized learning programs as they prepare for high school.

Program Highlights:

  • Provides a continuation of services for middle school students and families from our excellent Learning Support Program (LSP)* which helps students with learning differences achieve eventual high school enrollment. The LSP at the middle school level is designed to help students transition from a self-contained, personal classroom to a larger and more complex environment with rotating classrooms and changing teachers who are providing accommodations and/or modifications to enhance student learning.
  • Ensures students the added accommodations, time, and tools recommended on their accommodation checklist leading to academic success.
  • Allows for more study time, extra time on tests, and study methods assistance.
  • Teaches executive function strategies for improving performance and enhancing skills.
  • Incorporates appropriate technology to meet students’ needs, such as: laptops for written assignments, calculators, and speech to text features.
  • Provides the dedication of our Assistant Head of School who notes accommodations/modifications for students and disseminates that information to all middle school teachers while also following up with students and parents to ensure the program is promoting student learning and growth.
  • Teaches students to advocate for themselves.
  • Offers Sign Language as a foreign language, which gives students with language-based differences a more kinesthetic way to learn a foreign language.
  • Provides a special Language Arts class (separate classes for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades) and if needed, a general math class.
  • Offers Tier 2, Wilson: Just Words intervention for students with a dyslexia diagnosis. These classes are taught daily in a small group setting.

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