Los Altos Christian Kindergarten

Kindergarten in Los AltosOur Los Altos Kindergarten program equips the students with the skills necessary to  achieve success spiritually, academically and socially.  We  are a private school that provides so much more than just an academically challenging kindergarten  environment.  Key components of the kindergarten program  include:

  • High academic standards in a loving, Christian environment
  • Small class sizes
  • Exceptional teachers who are loving and caring, yet command respect and  attention
  • A return to Biblical principles, which provides a good moral compass
  • An engaging school environment
  • Specialized teachers for Spanish, Art, Computers, PE, Library, and Music
  • Friendship Fixer & Problem  Solving Wheel promote harmony among the kindergarten class

Focus on Student Development

The program provides many learning experiences that help students develop skill  sets in many areas while aspiring toward Christ-like behavior. The kindergarten  program ensures students acquire:

  • The building blocks of literacy
  • An understanding of numerical patterns and relationships through hands-on  activities
  • Science and Social Studies  knowledge; higher vocabulary levels and problem solving skills
  • Dance, art, and music appreciation designed to inspire vivid imaginations
  • Caring and responsible behavior that impacts all areas of life

All students admitted to the program are required to participate in the Gesell screening prior to acceptance. All screenings are administered by our Assistant Head of Schools. Kindergarten candidates must be 5 by September 1.