Spartan Racing

Andres Leiva, Teacher

Andres has been working with children for over 20 years, with most of his experience from teaching sports and running summer programs for different camps. He has been the LACS Middle School PE teacher for the past four years. Andres introduced obstacle course training to the PE program, and it has been extremely popular, revealing students’ ability to work out harder with fewer complaints. Andres is in the process of obtaining a Certification in Obstacle Course Training and a degree in film production. He recently had his first podium finish in the Elite category at a Spartan race and plans to get many more. His mission is to take kids at any level of physical ability and transform the way they think and perform through specific training, building confidence in themselves and getting stronger in all aspects of life. If they go on to play other sports, this training is guaranteed to boost their strength and endurance. Aside from working with kids, Andres loves traveling with his wife and finding beautiful places in nature. His three favorite places in the world are Disneyland, Hawaii, and Yosemite.