Music Program

Our Music program is based on the Kodaly philosophy of teaching music.  Students experience songs, rhythms and notes before learning about the concepts.  Rhythm instruments are used periodically, and we explore different genres, styles, and composers of music, as well as different instrument families.

In Kindergarten, general concepts are explored such as high/low, loud/soft, etc.  As the students progress up grade levels, more musical concepts and vocabulary are introduced, as well as more complex songs.  In fifth grade, all students learn how to play the recorder in the spring as part of applying what they have learned.

Our Music program is taught from a Christian perspective, and we incorporate hymns and praise songs as part of the curriculum.  Students sing in chapel each week, and Third through Fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in Worship Choir, helping lead worship for chapel and performing in the annual Arts Show.  Handbells is another way that our students get to showcase their music abilities.

Each grade level performs a song for Christmas Chapel, and also performs a song from a country they are studying for International Day in the spring.   Our annual Talent Show at the end of school showcases students who are learning individual instruments or who desire to sing a solo.

Classroom teachers reinforce the importance of music by using it in their classrooms and rehearsing when appropriate for upcoming performances.  Each elementary grade receives 30 minutes of music class each week, but experiences more through Chapel, special performances, Friday flagpole and other integrated opportunities.

LACS offers several after school Music classes for those that want to expand their music experiences.

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